Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Simply Jesus and a Reason for living

One of the great questions that people of every age have asked is "What is the reason for living?" All the great teachers, philosophers and thinkers down through the ages have asked this question in one form or other. It is the Church's great calling to answer this question. But how do we do so? Some say come to church and you will find it there. But that depends on whether the answer is communicated adequately through the liturgy and worship. It may well do but I don't believe that it is explicit enough. It needs taking time to sit down and listen first to the way, and the context, within which the questioner or seeker asks the question. How we answer therefore depends on how well we listen. Anyhow lets listen to Timothy Keller speaking on the topic of "A Reason for Living". Timothy Keller is the pastor of a church in New York which seeks to reach out to the city in culturally relevant ways, with the Gospel. He is, for me, a master at explaining the Christian message in ways anyone can understand. We can - and need to - learn a lot from people like him.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Writing sermons

The following YouTube post is not included to make preachers feel guilty - been there, done that after reading "I believe in preaching" by John Stott - but to emphasize the need to take preaching seriously as one of the primary ways we are to share the Gospel.