Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Talks for children

Talking to children about Christmas is high on every minister/priest/church leader's agenda at this time of year and it is hard to find something fresh to say. Try the following link (click here) for some ideas.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

For your own devotions

The following book looks a good resource to help 'pep up' your daily prayers and give you something to think and pray about. The book is available from the Church of England website (here).

Reflections for Daily Prayer 2013/2014

Each day, Monday to Saturday, features a thoughtful reflection on one of the set Lectionary readings for morning prayer.

This year's writers include Ian Adams, Stephen Cottrell, Sue Pickering and others.Price £16.99

Prayers at the lighting of the Advent Wreath

Advent 1
Almighty God,
you made each of us in your image;
amidst the chaos of life
and the sadness of the world,
may we open ourselves to your Spirit
and find your peace in our hearts.
(The candle is lit)
God our creator,
be our stillness and our light.

Advent 2
Loving God,
by your grace
you give us hope in our darkness;
guide us
as we grow into the likeness of your Son
and empower us
to live and work in his name.
(The candle is lit)
God our hope,
be our guardian and our light.

Advent 3
Renewing God,
you restore light and life to all creation;
open our eyes to signs of your presence
in our daily lives
and lead us by your spirit
to make disciples of others.
(The candle is lit)
God our healer,
be our vision and our light.

Advent 4
Ever present God
You were with Mary and Joseph
on the road to Bethlehem;
may Jesus our Emmanuel journey with us
as our way, our truth and our life
(The candle is lit)
God with us,
be our companion and our light.

Christmas Day
Generous God,
your Son, Jesus, was born on earth
that we might enter your kingdom.
As heaven and earth rejoice in his birth
may we, with shepherds and angels,
welcome him into our hearts.
(The candle is lit)
God our beginning and our end,
be our joy and our light.
Courtesy of the Diocese of Swansea and Brecon and the Church in Wales